About Foster Beagles

about beagles

Why Beagles?

Our first dog was a beagle.Beagles are small, purr when petted, and love wasting time observing the great big world looking out the window. Beagles are also highly independent and very strong willed – much like Rudyard Kipling’s cat, they walk by themselves to the beat of their own drum. We just fell in love with their personality since then we are beagle people.

Who We Are

We have owned beagles since 2001. We are a small family kennel, in Minneapolis MN. My introduction to beagles came when we adopted a 2 years old Beagle by the name of Jenna as a family pet. She was an instant hit, wanting to be part of everything. As Well as, insisting on riding in the front seat of the car in order to get the best view. From this chance beginning I became hooked on the breed, I then establishing my own kennel Foster Beagles. My dogs are very much part of the family. Currently I have 2 dogs , 5 puppies available for sale. My joy is to see them in a new happy forever home.
about beagles